Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Modified doily

Here is the doily I mentioned in an earlier post. This one was supposed to be cro-tatted, but I couldn't find a cro-tatting hook the right size so I just decided to needle tat the motifs and edging. The flowers of course are crochet. The pattern I went off of was by Elizabeth Ann White out of the Old-Time Crochet magazine. The thread size is size 10 that I used and it measures about 8 inches square.

Monday, February 12, 2007

#15 a heart from Rosemarie Peel

This here heart is from the Ring of Tatters site by Rosemarie Peel. I used a deep red size 10 cotton for this one with pearl beads around the last round. I can see this being a small purse if worked a little bigger. Might just give it a try, but got to finish the doily I'm working on right now.

I will post pictures of the doily when done in a couple of days.


Another one of the cross's variation on Beeton's edging from the Tatting Calendar of Jan 27th. This one is done with blue varagated southmaid cotton and white southmaid cotton size 10. This one is probably going to be a decoration as well.

#13 of second 25 motif challenge

This here is from the Tatting Calendar on Jan 27th. Again I used a multicolored varagated thread that is about a size 8. I think this is a little big for a bookmark, so have to figure out what to do with it. Maybe a decoration.

Another Celtic Cross

Here I have done once again one of Rozella Linden's Celtic Cross bookmark from her book "Celtic Tatting Knots & Patterns". I did this one in Multicolored thead that seems to be about a size 8. Using the three pastel colors really gave it a nice relaxing look.

#11 of second 25 Motif challenge

I have been slow on blogging lately, but I have been tatting.:) Here I have done up a bookmark using Beeton's Lace edge from the Jan 26th Tatting Calendar. I used a blue varagated southmaid cotton size 10 for this one and of course still using the needle.