Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I think this brings my count to 21 motif's of the second set

One ring Shamrock of Ruth's from the Tatting Calendar on March 2. I had done this one in white and red before, but had to do one in green and a little bigger to see what it would really look like. This one is done in Southmaid cotton size 10.

This one is the Daisy Picot Shamrock of Ruth's that was on the March 5th Tatting Calendar. It is also done in size 10 Southmaid cotton.

This is Riet's Daisy Picot Hearts bookmark from the February 19th Tatting Calendar. Are you getting the theme of what this posting is about?;-) Yes, these are all from the tatting calendar. This one is done in size 8 pearl cotton.

This is the Irish Derby Hearts of Ruth's of the March 3rd Tatting Calendar. It is done is size 10 southmaid cotton.

This one is Eliz's Maltese Pinwheel Snowflake, alterred to a five point. I have a few mistakes in it, but I just had to master this technique. Anything that I haven't tried before I have a hard time sleeping until I get it figured out. This is done in size 8 pearl cotton pink and dark green.