Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Been away from Blogging, but still tatting

Hi all. I have not been able to blog lately, but I have still been tatting. I am working on an edging for a table cloth that I cross stitched a few years ago that is about 36 inches on each side. I am using the edging from the tatting calendar of January 23rd for the pattern that Gina Butler put on. I haven't got a picture of the edging to show you, but when I get it done, I hope to get a picture with it on the table cloth, to show.

I have been tatting a bunch of the patterns from the tatting calendar, and playing with pearl tatting, daisy picots and split rings with the shuttles. I find split rings with the needle so much easier to do, but as I go along, split rings are getting easier with the shuttles.

This little flower is what I came up with while trying to get the pearl tatting down and the daisy picot figured out more. This is don in size 30 DMC cotton. Didn't have anything in mind for this or a few other things I have done, but now I'm looking at the tatted denim bag challenge. I sure have enough laying around to cover a good size bag.

The cross I did from memory from the January 26th tatting calendar. I did this one in about an hour before we had supper on Easter Sunday. In-laws couldn't believe what could be created in such a short time. This is done in size 8 pearl cotton with my shuttle.

And this is the Irish derby(Hearts) by Ruth Perry from the March 13th tatting Calendar. I have done this in white and red size 30 DMC cotton. I worked this up with my tatting needle.

Now this means I am done my second 25 motif challenge. I am not going to do it again right now, but I am going to keep tatting. I have to do an edging for my 10 year old daughters t-shirt I made, for the neck opening is too large and I figured that a tatted edging would just set it off and really make it an original.

So long for now.