Friday, August 17, 2007

Butterflies,doily and edgings

Here is Martha Ess' Green Butterfly done in yellow and purple DMC (3 strands) with a brown body. It measures 4" x 5".

Next is a varagated yellow and purple butterfly done in pearl cotton size 8. It measures 4"x5" as well. This is also Martha Ess' Green Butterfly.

This is the "Forever Young" doily of Terry Dusenbury's. I did it in size 10 Southmaid Crochet cotton and measures 12 inches in diameter. I gave it to my Aunt for a thank you. She really liked it for it was done in a shade of green.

This is a picture of my daughters blouse that I made for her with the tatted edging I also made. I used the clover and chain type edging and for the neckline I added a round of chain to hold the neckline. The neck hole was just a little too large for her. Once I got the neckline done, she asked if I could put some edging on the sleeves. The picture doesn't do it much justice, but when she has it on, it looks really nice.

Well off to start another project. My oldest wants to learn to X-stitch and tat. Will have to see if I have the patience to teach her or just give her the book I learned from.;-) Time will tell. At least she is not left handed like my other daughter.

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