Friday, September 14, 2007

Tatting, but progress is slow

Here is what the needle lace butterfly looks like after it has been blocked. Made a big difference in how it looks.

Since doing the butterflies, I have been tatting doilies. I have done a daffodil doily, but I have to wash and block and take pictures of it before I can show it. I don't want to wreck the daffodils for they are 3D from the doily.

I am currently working on a rose doily in size 30 sulky thread. First time using this thread, broke a few threads with ring and chain stitches too tight, but am enjoying the challenge of watching my tension. Going is slow on it though for I hurt my shoulder on Monday and can only do things in short spurts so not to aggitate the shoulder. Will post a picture of it as well when it is done and blocked.

Happy tatting.

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