Saturday, November 17, 2007

Still Tatting, but X-Stitiching as well

I haven't stopped tatting, but I have been doing some x-stitch for my daughters before they decide they want to do all of it themselves. I have done some penguins for my oldest daughter to put on a denim jacket that she will definitely grow into. While doing the penguins, my youngest thought she would like something on her vest as well, so she picked out a rearing horse. I have one done, but want to do another in mirror image so they are facing eachother for the back of her vest. She has since picked out another for the front of her vest as well.

It is a good thing the ones my youngest picked out are actually quite fast for me to do. I will probably have the mirror image done tomorrow once I get started on it. The other one may take a little longer. I haven't really looked at the pattern yet.
There was a question brought up on Here-be-tatters chatline about what inspired one to tat. Well, I first saw a pair of candle stick frills that I thought were crochetted. Well I really liked them and I had to figure out how to do them. I have done them a few times now and I will do them again for I really like them. I will have to take a picture and then post one of them on some candles. They do not scann too well when they are frilly and I do not have a digital camera yet, but, Christmas is comming.(hope,hope)


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